Greeting to all health concern mates! Welcome to PFC (Pure Foods Company), we have planned to share insight on a wonderful topic that will be refreshing and very important for calories health. Now, Pure Food company has introduced low calories nectars in many flavors such as Pomegranate Low Calories Nectar, Mango Low Calories Nectar, and Pink Guava Low Calories Nectar etc. Be prepared to quench your thirst for awareness and nutrition.

Power of Nectar:

Smart recipe for smart people who are more concerned about their daily routines intakes. Froot Full has a very unique low calories nectar recipe in very innovative packing. Froot Full not only gives you a rich taste but also gives you the same fruit nutrition with low calories without conceding the original taste.

Excellence of Pomegranate Low Calories Nectar.

Nourish your body with Low-Calorie Pomegranate Nectar which is antioxidant and has the real taste of pomegranate.

Amazing Mango Low Calories Nectar Madness

Mango Nectar is a partner in the cutting calories challenge. King of Fruit is naturally sweet and has high vitamins. Making original nectar out of it with low calories without losing its original taste gives us a sense of achievement which ultimately satisfy our customer satisfaction of low calorie and original taste.

Pink Guava Low Calories Nectar Preference

The temptation of pink guava is now can be fulfilled with original pink guava low calories nectar having original pink guava pulps. Its first sip brings you a memorable trip of original fruit taste. Original pink guava nectar not only energizes you but also completes your body’s vitamins and fiber needs.

The mantra of bringing down calories:1

  • Portion Control: Control is key. As an alternative of set down a big glass, go for a lesser serving. Enjoy the flavor without overfilling on calories.
  • Dilution Magic: Blend your nectar with aqua or sparkling water to quench your thirst. You will still adore the sense of taste without extending extra calories in your drink.
  • Make it Potion: Get artistic! Balance your desired nectar for a custom potion. A squish of Pomegranate with pink Guava or the magic of Mango with a citrus wind – Magic potion blending is never-ending.
  • Hydration Champion: Remember these nectar are great sources of your body hydration. Quench your thirst with the real goodness of original fruits, to naturally reduce your daily calorie intake.


At Pure Foods Company, we only make healthy products to keep the nation healthier without compromising on taste, quality, and quantity, and to maintain standards we have qualified many legal certifications approved by WHO and local bodies. Pomegranate Nectar, Pink Guava Nectar, and Mango Nectar are not only blended with master recipes with low calories but also packed in very innovative transparent cans without compromising any standards.

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